Date a girl from work if your terrified!!!?

i really like a girl from work but im so afraid. here are som things that worry me.
1 ill fall for her and she dumps me and I have to see her being flirty

2. we break up and its hateful and awkward.
3 she tells coworkers everything good and bad. sexually how I act on date etc,
4 not know what people know\

I do really like her but with all these concerns is it worth it. is it not that bad?


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  • I think that if you do like her you might have to take the risk of her dumping you. And about her telling coworkers, I think that if she is at all decent that she won't tell others about your sex life or whatever ( at least nothing too personal). If she tells anyone it will probably be her close friends. It's up to you to decide if you are willing to take the risk.

    • she works with close friends and I know girls gossip

    • Yeahhh we do But.. (As far as I know at least) I or my coworkers have never spilled intimate details about current or previous relationships. It might be different depending on where you live so I do hope others give input. I'm partially not that social soooo... But I think as women get older they start treating things privately and not sharing personal details as much.

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