What should I have done here?

So I've known this girl for a few months now and weve been talking and flirting with eachother since we met but the thing is... she has a boyfriend... so anyways i chilled with her tonight and we were talking and i was making her laugh and she mentioned to me how "her boufriend got so much better and for a time it was bad" so i was like oh because she knows i like her and she likes me but that boyfriend tho... so anyways as i was leaving i was like ok well thanks for chillig with me tonight and i hope your boyfriend knows how lucky he is... i hope he knows... so i dont know im passionate about her and want to see her be my girlfriend so was that weird saying that to her? like she was like ok and blushed and we said our goodbyes but man it hurts so bad... what do you think she's thinking now tho? like she deserves the best and not the scum bag she's with... what should i do and what do u think she's thinking about after what i said?


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  • You should back off and respect her relationship and her choice to be with her boyfriend, have some decency. If she's flirting with you and spending time alone with you then she doesn't even respect her relationship but she has no decency to end it and she's using you to boost her ego, why would you want an immature, selfish girl like that?


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