Telling him again?

So about three or four months ago I told a friend that I liked him. He said he was flattered and if he wasn't dating someone right now that he'd be able to return the feelings. We stayed friends and got to know each other more. He's now broken up with his 'girlfriend' and he acts the same as he did before he was going out with her. I think it's obvious to both of us that we like each other. He'll lean his head on my shoulder or hold my hand, give me hugs and act all sad when I leave. It's just when I bring up the subject of people asking if were dating he usually says "why do they think that?" me being a loser I just say I don't know..but the reasons are obvious. Were always talking to each other at work and flirting and all that other nonsense.

I don't want to ruin our friendship by telling him that I still like him more then a friend...

We throw mixed signals at each other all the time and that just isn't helping the situation

I have no idea what's to do~


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  • just tell him... As long as he's been broken up with the girl for a he's not on the rebound and he isn't still sad about it, I'm sure he would give it a try!

    • Well he was the one that ended it with her so I don't think he's sad about it. I'm just unsure what it is we are. Were kinda more then friends but less then lovers I guess you can say

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    • Oh woah...he's divorced? and only for less than a month...woah that changes things!!! you should wait a little bit...definitely!!

      And ya, that's a good idea to approach the subject... :)

      Good luck!!

    • Btw, this article reminds me of your question:

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