What might you be wanting from them now?

You chase someone for months who flirts back but the date never happens because she makes various excuses so you decide to stay friends. You don't reply to her messages for a while because you're hurt and confused. Out of the bl ue you call her one night, she doesn't pick up. She calls you back days later and you have a civil chat, she asks why you'd called. You say to simply say hello because you haven't spoken in a while, why? she says she was just curious. As she says bye, you say 'call me anytime you like, speak in a bit, bye'... do you act this way if you only want her friendship now? Are you wanting her to make the effort now first?


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  • you asked this question already and i'm gonna give you the same answer. He's hoping you're more mature now than you used to be

    • Haha I did! But i'm wanting various opinions. Also since the call i thought i'd be open and text him telling him that I still like him. He replied with simply 'you are sweet' then hasn't replied to my reply from yesterday. So I'm really worried again

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    • Ty... ... he text me last night saying he was at a bar and the waitress is my twin sister. Why do that? ... we chatted a bit and he said I'm cooler. Do you think there's still a chance if I commit to finally meetin?

    • You haven't met him in real life before?

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