Should I tell the guy I'm dating that my best friend confessed his love for me?

It's a long story so I'll try & be blunt with details.
I've been friends with my best friend for years, he used to like me; then we stopped talking & only became friends again when he told me he was over it. He has since gotten a girlfriend & we've not been as close.

Me & him went for a drink last night & after a few he started telling me he loves me, will go to my wedding but wants to be the groom, wants to be the next guy I sleep with etc. So I told him straight out I'm not interested. But it upset me a lot as I don't see us being friends anymore, as it's unfair on him & to his girlfriend.

Me and the guy I like have been dating for a couple of months but I've never mentioned my best friend before. I'm not seeing the guy I'm dating until new year (I'm home from uni) but I want to tell him about my best friend without threatening him in any way! More just because he's in my life & I want to share my life with him, especially as it's upset me. Should I tell him & how should I tell him? Like how do I bring it up?


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  • Just tell him flat out. Start from the beginning, like you did with us. Make sure he understands that you are informing him because you value honesty and that you have no romantic feelings for the other guy.
    Communication is key, and NEVER hide shit. Your boyfriend/girlfriend should also be your bestfriend. You should be able to tell them anything. If you can't, find a new partner.
    Don't be surprised when he asks you to cut ties. Any guy would. Not out of mistrust for you, but for what he might see as a threat.


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  • tell him your ex is trying to get back with me what should I do to let him down gently. your boyfriend will respect your honesty and tell him to do one

    • He's not an ex, we've only ever been friends & never kissed! But thank you, I might take the approach of asking for help :)

    • stay with the guy you fancy/want to be with sexually.

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  • Well the first thing you shouldn't do is text him what happened, because we all know texting about our problems isn't going to do much of anything, might even make someone angry.

    When I was dating this guy a while back, some guys in class made bets and whoever kissed me first would get some sort of prize or whatever. When one of them almost did, I told the guy I was dating right away... through text. He got angry and thought it all the wrong way, saying "so, you're kissing guys now?". So its best to talk to him in real life, you can calm him down and I believe it's much easier to understand people when you're actually communicating to them face to face. All you need to do is to be honest with him, that's what's best in a relationship. If you don't tell him now and instead on a drunk night a couple of months later its going to look like you were hiding it. So, when you see your boyfriend, just sit him down and tell him. I don't how this has worked for anyone else but this method of "conversation" of just sitting the person down has worked great for me so far. Even if going into the conversation isn't smooth, like starting with an awkward "so..."

    Good luck :)

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