How to get a girl to open up and feel comfortable?

There's one girl I really like. She's outgoing and talkative with her girl friends, but rather quiet and uneasy around me. I'm meeting her this week and want to keep the conversation going while keeping it relaxed. What should I do to get her to open up? Do any of you have own experience how and why you feel shy around some people and what helps you to relax around them?

I've known this girl for quite a while, so she already knows me pretty well.


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  • Ask her about something that you know she likes or enjoys doing and phrase it in a way that she can't give you a one word answer. Once she feels comfortable talking the conversation will just keep going. And if you suddenly comes to an awkward silence , just say or ask something random but not inappropriate, she won't find it weird.

    I dated a guy once and we went from strangers to pretty good friends in one date.


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