How can I prepare for my date today? (anything you want to share)?

I am going on a date with a cute woman Today. She is 25 years old and I am 23. I am totally unprepared. I haven't shaved my face for 2 weeks and am going to take care of that today and get a hair cut because I want to.

This is what I look like right now.

I was thinking we should go to the restaurant named Saint Francis (she really wants to go to that one) and we can watch the Christmas lights on peoples houses together and I can have a thermos filled with Hot coco and we can share it.

I am phenomenal at massaging people so after the date I wanna get straw berries covered in chocolate with white chocolate drizzled on it. and then I'll massage her. and play nice Christmas music in my house for her.

(Things you should know)
I already been on a date with her, she knows me
she likes me. she gets a little upset when I don't text her often.

and tomorrow is her birthday! Does anyone wanna know what she looks like (if that'll help)?

anything you want to share?

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I bet you she is going to meet me at Saint Francis after work. Which will mean she won't have the chance to take care of her personal stuff when she gets off work.

Her butt is going to be all poopy. and stuff is what I'm trying to say.


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  • Seems like a pretty decent plan, my friend. Couple of things I would recommend:

    -Shave your face. You don't need to be clean shaven... but you could go for the more 5 o'clock shadow look:

    -Also, this is not required... but, before I go on a date with a woman, I always make sure I am trimmed up. Not to sound like less of a man here, but I make sure my pubic hair is trimmed/, shave off my chest/stomach hair, trim up my armpit hair and just make sure those areas look nice. You never know if sex is going to happen on the date, so it is better to be prepared and make sure those areas look nice for the girl.

    -Cologne wise, try Curve Crush. You can get it at Wal-Mart. Women are always complimenting on how great I smell when I wear it.

    -And finally... just dress nice. Not sure what you are wearing to the date...


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  • if you already been on a date with her then I think you can take a chill pill buddy. just clean yourself up and be presentable. go on the date and have fun. tell her happy bday and maybe gift her something adequate.

  • Back, sack and crack!

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