Why is my mother like this?

So im 22 and I've never had a boyfriend. I've dated total of five guys. The last guy i dated was in january-february. I've liked one guy i dated for 3 years, 18-30.. he broke my heart.

My mother is 40, she had my brother and i at a young age. Dont get me wrong she's the best mother someone could wish for. But her datin record SUCKS. Ever since i was little I've seen menn come and go.. and she can never settle. Its like once she is done with a guy, she has someone a week later.. I dont really think she knows what real love is, she throws her self around these menn and they are nothing but weirdos with no real job.
She has dated all kind of guys, the rich ones the poor ones but i think she has a committment issue.. they love her but she just breaks up with them and find a new one.
She always asks me why i dont have a boyfriend and i really dont want to end up like her. I want to date a real guy, and i want things to last. Im very old fashionate and i want the good gentleman guy not the ones she dates..

It annoys me a lot.. how she goes from talking to one guy and than next week she has another one.
Why is she like this? its kind of disgusting.


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  • she is the way she is. the most important thing to know is that you are in control of your own life. if you don't want to end up like her then you won't, just make it happen.


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  • well, you're 22, so why not get your own small apartment or so? at least you wouldn't have to see this all the time:/
    other then that you just have to get used to it i guess... you won't be able to change the way your mom approaches dating

    • I do live alone but its annoying because i think she deserves a lot better.

    • well... its obviously what you think, but you dont know what she thinks. maybe this is what she wants. maybe if you hear it from her, you might feel better?

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  • Oh maa gawwd!! ... Okay so yeah I knew your mom is a guardian for you buy why not leave and go somewhere relaxing? There will be a time you will find someone honest and loveable just stay cool and be yourself relief your mind from stress and c'mon enjoy yourself 😘

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