Is a guy friend who slept next to you, snuggling you all night wanting more, or just a comfort thing?

Met a new guy friend the other night. He says that he is just looking for friendship.

My friend and I end up crashing at his place. I had a bit of an emotional outburst after drinking some wine. He and my friend called me down lol.

After chatting he ends up sleeping in the bed next to me. Luckily I don't mind at all. Found myself quite attracted to him. Would not of minded making a move. He snuggled right into me most the night.

It felt so nice getting cuddles cause I have not had that in ages with someone.

The reason I did not make a move was cause he said he just wanted friendship and did not want to ruin that. Plus my friend was sleeping in the same room to. She was on the couch. He and I were on a mattress.

Not sure if he snuggling into me was a move in itself or just a form of comfort from a friend.

What are your thoughts guys?

I did not pull away and embraced him, pretty much all night. Controlled myself not making a move.

He mentioned wanting friendship to all us girls, not just me.


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  • It could be both. He might not mind just being friends or if something else happened. Saying he just wants to be friends is the safe thing to say, that way he can just be friends if that's all you're interested in or something more could happen and he can just roll with it. There is really no need for him to want something specific he can just go with the flow and not care what happens, I think that's a pretty common attitude to have.

    • Yeah I will do that if we end up hanging out. Felt an attraction while he snuggled into me. It just felt so good. No kissing or sex. Nothing else happened. Just enjoyed the moment. Probably a really good one to have.

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  • If i was, I'd be so much happy that could cuddle a cute girl and never expect anything more when i already said i only want friendship.
    So i think you was so kind to him that let him cuddle you all the night, even if he really wanted more, he must ask you, and I think he had a great night.
    But i don't know how you feel about him.
    In my opinion cuddling is one of the best thing that exist.

  • Dude wanted to start as friends and see how it went from there. Pretty much how most, if not all guys are. They aren't sure how interested they are until things get going.

    • So reckon he was showing interest when he snuggled into me that night?

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    • Would me embracing him and snuggling back show I was enjoying and interest back? He said he just wanted friendship stoat was the main reason I did not push it further. But if it does not go any further then this, cool with that to. If for some reason it does happen again will definitely make more of a move.

    • haha yea it shows definite interest. If he thinks you got the wrong idea, he'll shy away a bit. That's when you'll know his real intent.

  • "friendship"

    He just wants sex.

  • did you feel a boner?

    • Hahaha. No. If he had one he hid it pretty well.

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  • Use your hands, lady, use your hands. Tease his boy parts gently so he becomes stiff and straight. When he asks for more (he will) tell him you thought he had a wife / girlfriend and you thought he only wanted friendship, not sex. Keep on teasing him with your hands for a minute or two more and then say, "Oh,

    • No did not use my hands lol. But did snuggle into him as he put his arms around me. He did not do that either. He mentioned he was single before hand.

      I already know that move. But yeah, just gonna hung out with him and see what happens.