Why did he try to put me down?

I met this guy a few months ago. He 'treated' me like a cheap girl at the start. I'm 22 and still a virgin but i gave him the wrong impression by going to his house after he took me out pooling and it was late in the evening. We ended out making out and almost sex, he made me feel pressured al tho he assured me he didn't see me as an ''object'. He kept pursuing me and i even walked away shocked when he pulled down his pants, he couldnt accept i wouldn't sleep or touch him. He kept fighting with me through text saying ''i shouldn't think im worth more then sex'' those words REALLY hurt me since i opened up to him about my problems and trusted him enough to say im a virgin and he the first guy who i made out with. He said i wasn't good enough to be his gf but he kept angry and wouldn't leave me alone, its like he was frustrated with the fact that he had hidden secret feelings for me (he drunked texted me a few times) but saw me as an object... what was his problem?


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  • He can't force you to have sex if you don't want it. But he also has a right to end the relationship if you don't agree. I'm not saying it's right, though.


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  • Vaginal Entitlement. Seems to be a major affliction these days.


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