Girls: Are Hispanic girls into white guys, are do they mostly prefer to date Hispanic guys?

I'm very attracted to Hispanic girls, but I still can't get a good read on whether Latinas are attracted to white guys very often. It seems like I usually see them dating Hispanic guys.


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  • My friends and I like white guys. But we always feel like white guys don't like us. So we usually date Hispanic guys. You certainly have a chance

    • Why would you think that? Most white guys I know love Latinas.

    • I've never had one approach me. The only white guy that ever showed interest in me was a guy in high school. He was a total redneck and he thought I was half white. He got over me once he found out I was full mexican

    • Trust me, white guys are extremely attracted to Latinas. I love Mexican girls with the dark hair and pretty brown eyes.

      I think there's this whole cultural thing where Latinas don't think white guys will understand their culture. I met one Latina at my college who was amazed that I know what Our Lady of Guadalupe is. I was like, come on, lots of white guys are Catholic too!

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  • Ask some Hispanic girls.

  • Go flirt with one.

  • ANY girl likes white guys.

    • I don't black girls are into white guys.

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    • I just never see black girl/white guy couples.

    • dude they exist. just ask a girl out who cares about race.