Should I hold out on sex from my friends with benefits since now I'm dating someone new?

So I been talking to my friends with benefits for like 2 years now, we are only friends lol just sex nothing else... but I just started dating again... and I haven't had sex with the new guy yet because I plan ok actually having a relationship one day with him.. but I'm human and I like sex, so is it wrong if I sleep with my fwb? Even though I'm still single... I would just feel guilty if I do... but I haven't talk to the person I'm dating now all day... they haven't responded back yet to my message lol -.-


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  • You're single, so there's nothing to prevent you from dating this new guy and having sex with your "friend". The problem you may find is there will be a conflict somewhere down the line, especially when your "friend" meets your new guy. I would love to be a fly on the wall in that social situation that's for sure.

    This has a soap opera drama written all over it.

    • They will never meet each other. And as far as social media... I don't post pics or who I'm talking to on social networks.

    • Well good luck to you.

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  • Noooo you can't fuck both or even fuck ur friend with benefits. That's just messed up how would you like it if this future relationship guy did it to you...

    • Never fucking both, I been having sex with my friends with benefits for awhile now, and plus I'm suppose to see the dude I'm dating tomorrow but he hasn't responded back yet. And I would b mad if the guy I'm dating slps with someone else. He's really not texting back it's annoying me.

    • So cz guy u want to date ain't replying ur think js go slap with FWB?

      Do it if that's what u want but if things get going with new guy u can't b fucking the friends with benefits that's js start of a destructive realisation ship

  • Nah, keep fuckin 'em both. When u get up the duff and don't know who's it is, go on Jerry!


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  • If it continues better with the dating - I'd stop sex with the friends with benefits otherwise you'd just feel guilty or disloyal as you are both trying to get to know each other from scratch. If the person ur dating found out they might think you have everything You need and that you are not taking dating that seriously.

    • You just said some real shit I like that ! And I know I agree this will be my third date 2m with him... when do u think I should cut the friends with benefits off?

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    • Thank you! I'll see how my third date goes tomorrow...

    • Bonne chance!

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