Girls: What's the sweetest thing a guy can say to you?

Just wanting some ideas on things girls like to hear or get complimented on


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  • As someone who has dated quite a bit, I've heard just about every compliment in the book. Some by boyfriends, some by dates, and some by random guys at the bar. Girls love to be told that they are beautiful. You can't tell them enough. But for me, what's even more important is to be told/showed that I am valued. That this man sincerely thinks the world of me. That I'm much more than just a pretty face that he gets to kiss on.
    I think the sweetest thing I've ever been told is by the guy I am currently dating. I brought my boyfriend home to meet my family and spend Thanksgiving with us. This is the first time I've brought a guy home to meet the family since high school. While there, he told me that he was thankful for me. But didn't stop there. He went on to tell me specific things (big and small) that he liked about me. Things that he had observed about me from spending time with me and LISTENING to the things I said. There's something about a man that is observant of a girl's qualities, habits, behaviors. It shows that you really care. So if there's a girl you really want to impress, think and think real hard about what it is about her that you like. I'm not just talking about her nice hair or glorious ass. Think about what you like/love about her. And tell her! It makes you stand out as a serious romantic and as someone who really cares/values this girl for who she is.


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  • Everything itsgucci said. Just listen to her; stop talking and let her talk. Be attentive. I'd prefer that over a shower of compliments any day.

  • If you don't know them that well then complimenting too much can get awk but if you know them well enough then tell your girl that she is beautiful because that is a heart melting compliment that every girl craves to hear

    • So what would I say to a girl I am just meeting?

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    • Well, then how do I justify going up and talking to her? Like your advice makes sense but if there's a girl I want to go meet like isn't it going to be obvious I am coming up to her for that reason?

    • Just find some common ground to make casual conversation. If she is in your friend group then you could talk about upcoming events or friends, if she is in a class with you you could ask about homework stuff like that

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