Ok so I have this class with this girl tomorrow.

And I want to ask her if she want s to hang out that do y'all think.


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  • i say go for it!


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  • if you do, be prepared to be shot down the first time...particularly if she's playing hard to get...sometimes girls just want you to keep going for them, if they shoot you down the first time...it shows ur genuine and that you really care about trying to get her to do something with u...and not just well you know, haha...

    good luck man, and yeah, I say go for it

    • Very good answer =]

    • Thank you thank you, no applause necessary, I've been doing my homework on this stuff, so I'm much more well informed, ha!

  • i really don't care to be honest this was a pointless question...

    • You still read it, and took your time to comment-so it must not have been THAT pointless as you put it

    • Go f*** your self then

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