I get Scared to death, just before initiating a talk with any girl i'm interested... GAG HELP!!!?

Gurls&Guys, I get really scared (or nervous) when it comes to talking to sm chick i'm interested in at any party or any pther place...
result=only 3 dates since my last 2 years in medical college. Pls, if u cld express ur opinions on 'how to', or what should i do..


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  • This sounds really cliche but every one gets nervous, some just hide it better than others. Although you may feel super nervous/scared, you dont actually look as nervous as you feel. Just remember to stay calm and fake it till u you make it (again cliche but whatever) Pretend you are talking to one of your friends and keep it casual. Dont overthink anything. I personally dont get nervous around guys because there isn't any reason to be scared. I hoped I helped at least a little bit :)


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  • Don't worry too much about it

    It's like it is with animals; they're more afraid
    of you, than you are of them. ^.^

    I understand how you feel though, my first crush
    ever, a sweet girl I first met in 7th grade, she could not
    know, that I was looking at her.. yeah, I was that silly.

    The best you can do is muster up courage
    and just do it, once you're there, it's not
    as bad, really. ^.~

  • dammn... you should overcome your shyness... why? because you ain\t got nothing to lose if you ask a girl out!

  • Talking to a girl: what's the worst that can happen.

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