I would love a guys opinion on this? WHY does he do this and his friend?

i tend to have awkward conversations with this guy because he never fully contributes meaning i do almost all the question asking while he answers and/or asks the same thing back. because all the pressure falls on me to come up with things there are quiet moments when i can't think of things to say -he takes out his phone and starts doing stuff on it (i dont know what) he also avoids me and its obvious. then the rare moments he comes up to me to say hi, smiling, and/or sitting with me on the bus on his own. he's not like this with other girls I've seen his interactions and his facbeook/instagram - he follows girls all the time

whenever we talk he acts like he doesn't know anything about things i talk about though i know he does and they are his interests then he also doesn't fully tell me his weekend plans but seems curious on mine by asking questions with who, how was it (party) what did you wear (hallowween) etc

i ran into a childhood friend of his not too long ago who told me he was his friend, he told me to add him on Facebook, i did (he was on vacation) he never accepted -is it b/c of the quiet guy?

then a few days later i was ahead of the quiet guy in the bus line we happened to look at eachother and smiled at one another. i was planning on standing on the side and not getting on the bus b/c i didn't want to force him to talk to me but he came up to me and gestured me to go in so i did. at the end he asked if wasn't going to go in hte bus (ive done this before for the same reason) i said ya and made an excuse - does he think im avoiding him?

ps we both are 20


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  • he might have feelings for you so he uses the old motto treat them mean keep them keen.


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