Do girls think it's right to reject a guy and go for another guy in front of him?

Suppose you come regularly at a place where a guy (call him Jack) also comes.

He hits on you, and you indirectly reject him in hints by giving brief responses and not sustaining the conversation especially for questions which he asks about you. In short -- you were not friendly.

Now you went for another guy (call him Chris); will you have any problems bringing Chris in front of Jack? Will you have any problems projecting Chris as your BF in front of Jack?

If you do all this, do you think Chris will be feel bad?


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  • Ok so, I'm assuming that I don't really know this Jack guy? If that's the case, I don't really think I'll be all too considerate of his feelings. Maybe I won't parade Chris right in front of Jack's nose, but if I want to openly go after Chris and flirt with him, I'm going to do it. It's not like I'd do it to intentionally hurt Jack though, because I'm not THAT kind of asshole. It's just that I'm probably not going to tip-toe around him, since I don't really know him and/or care enough about him in order to take his feelings into consideration.

    • And since I like Chris, I wouldn't want him to feel bad or become uncomfortable.

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