Girl says "I love you but I don't know if I want to date you"?

What does she mean by this?

She said she's not sure how to explain it and just said to "chalk it up to her being weird". She is kind of weird though.

Same girl as in previous questions. Is she just worried she'll get hurt by me or is there something else going on? She's 19, I'm 27.

We've exchanged love your the past few days and have been texting morning and good night for the past couple of weeks at least.

I really don't want to lose her. Should I keep seeing her and just see what happens?


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  • That is extremely weird. Maybe she is worried about the age difference. You won't know unless you ask her to explain.

    • This is the only thing I can think of.

      I did ask without pressing too hard because I don't want to push her away by having her think I'm a controlling asshole.

      Probably something I should bring up later on though

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    • That's also a possibility. She has a sister who doesn't want her to date for awhile because she's been burned so bad before. I know she's not sure what her mom would think of me.

    • That could be it, I know I would take my sister's opinion into consideration. All you can really do is ask her why at this point and if she doesn't changer her mind, move on.

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