Why do I never hear from a guy after first date?

so we're getting along great, made out a little bit but he wanted more and I wasn't putting out. I need to get to know a man a little bit better than that. is that generally a sign of a player? Don't get me wrong if a guy doesn't text me or call me I say next! I wait for no man...


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  • " he wanted more and I wasn't putting out. "

    Obviously he wasn't getting what he wanted and didn't see the point of the second date.

    • yes that's what I figured... like I say... nextttttttt lol

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  • I tell my female mates the three date rule ie don't have sex till the third date that way you get to see the guys who really like you from the ones who want a one night stand.

    • thanks doc, I have that rule too at least 5th date lol... guys just assume way too much...

    • if they don't get their leg over they move on just like you should

    • like I said... I wait for no man! its their loss... and I say NEXTTTT lol...

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