Is it too late to ask out my crush?

i met this girl through my ex-best friend, it was his girlfriend. we were quite close during their relationship, so close in fact that my best friend at the time was concerned. anyway, they broke up like 2 weeks ago, and me and her have been talking quite often online (progressively talking more and more), and i think there is something there (there's been a few flirty messages but i'm not sure if she actually are flirting) but i can't tell unless i meet up with her face to face. i'm really shy and awkward so i am quite nervous about meeting her. have i waited too long to ask her out? or have i got longer? or am i friendzoned? we are planning on meeting up at some point but we haven't fully discussed it.


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  • No you're not too late at all! If she's still texting you and actually wants to meet up with you she clearly likes you. Just go for it, honestly!


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