A guys thoughts/ actions during a relationship?

Are there different levels of things you would do for ur gf only after u felt certain ways? Like my bf will drive 45 min each way to see me or if i go to his home he will always drive me home in the morning and then drive back to his house he dosent not want me driving that far on one lane roads. Also he always will send me some sort of good morning text and things like that i get flowers every two weeks. So my question is a guy won't do that for any girl like if he is in a relationship with a girl but just to be in it or just he likes/loves her. I guess im trying to figure out if the effort a guy puts in correlates to the things they do/amount of things they do.

Note.. I know he loves me that not what i am asking. I guess like a guys typical thinking /action patterns and what makes him dthem.



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  • My husband has never gotten me flowers in our relationship, but he knows taking me fishing and kissing me goodbye mean more to me.
    So I can't speak for your guy, but I'd say he's at the very least interested in maintaining contact with you.

    • thanks I mean yea of course he wants to be in contact. Im not concerned about our love i was just wondering what thoughts are behind mens actions when in a relationship. Like me and my friendsoverthink everything we do before hand and the possible outcomes

    • I'd wager guys do too. Mine has told me he thinks of 3 possible outcomes for everything he approaches someone about. So yea I think they way over think sometimes.

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