White girls perceptions or behaviour with non-white guys in Canada and USA?

I am referring to white girls, as I do find them attractive & appealing, but have an issue. I find that 80% of woman have attitude. Why? When I approach woman, they initially are nice to me, but never speak the truth. I pursue them and they try and call the cops or threaten to through a co-worker or friend. Why can they not be honest and directly tell me they are not interested? Are they dumb or deaf? Are their boobs not developed? Do they have issues communicating effectively? The girls that know me, define me as kind, trustworthy, lovable and a true gentlemen. I am also monetarily and worth a lot more than I show cause I like to keep a low profile. Do other guys go through the same shit?

It's very cold here and she was helpless. Do you understand me now? I find it offensive when you say"kept her in my car for 4 hours" and "he's being a gentlemen, right", like I wanted to fuck her.
Anonymous, i think you have some psych issues. For you info, Asians are yellow and latinos are brown skinned people. I think there are East Indians from the Indian mountains who are white skinned and blue/green eyed you would date.


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  • Okay so I'm kinda conflicted on this. I think usually white women are at fault in race relations so when I opened this question I was prepared to be like 'yeah'. Annnnd I think its fucked up of a white girl to leverage police over a man of colour, generally.

    However. What the fuck are you saying to them? People dont just threaten to call the cops when someone talks to them, even if they're really racist. Can you tell me how this plays out, usually? What do you mean exactly by 'pursue' them?

    • I just ask them if we can be friends and maybe I tell them they are pretty.

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  • This really sounds more like you're the problem dude.
    I don't see race as the issue.

    • I tried to persue this girl and asked her if she would like to go for lunch with me. She said "yes". Then when I phoned again, I just left a message to ask her to call me. Then 10 min later, an older co-worker told me she does not want to talk to me and threatened to call the cops. What did I do wrong?

    • I'm just saying your post is full of recriminations about girls in general.

  • I am white... I actually won't generally date a man who is white... I perfer any other race... Just not attracted to white guys... And I'm part Scottish so I don't do that crap if I'm not interested for some reason... I will say so.

  • If you're getting the cops called on you and threatened then you must be a creep. That's not normal

    • No, on the contrary I helped this girl, who was stranded outside her home and kept her in my car for 4 hours. When I tried to get to know her, she called the cops on me.

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    • "Help he's being a gentleman"... right

    • "kept her in my car for 4 hours" is... legitimately maybe one of the scariest things I've ever read

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  • They try to call the cops? What do you tell them?

    What do you look like? You mentioned keeping a low profile.

    • I told the cop that I told the girl if she is not interested to let me know. The girl never responded. I am 5'10" 170lbs athletic, have a sexy body and confident. I am not a showoff, but speak my mind if a girl shows attitude.

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    • I wear trendy clothes and have good hygiene, so I don't stink.

    • So she when you contacted her 3 weeks later she called the cops?

      Many girls do that bro. They'll just quit contacting you instead of telling you they are not interested. I guess they are scared of breaking the bad news. I don't know. I'm like you. I'd rather her just be honest and let me know.

      But I mean if a girl wants you she'll contact you. I'd just forget her if I were you.

  • Damn sounds like you need to learn to talk to women. Its a skill that is learned.

  • Dude... If you are getting the cops called on you, you must be saying or doing something very, VERY wrong, when approaching girls.

  • Women are put off by low status men.

    In the anglosphere, non-white men are perceived as very low status. It is obviously different in non-white countries, and somewhat different in European countries.

    • This is only due to ignorance and not being open minded. Reality is non white people are financially more stable and committed. If you think I am wrong, take a good look.

    • "This is only due to ignorance and not being open minded."

      Never said it was due to facts, only perception. Non-white Asians and Indians are more financially stable and committed than whites, yes, but whites are more committed than blacks.

      There is a tendency in American culture to equate anything black with minorities in general, which is actually an extremely "racist" thought that many so called "racial equalists" constantly commit.