Do girls think guys that hang out at bars and clubs are dateable?

I mean those guys that don't get drunk and are out there meeting new girls looking for the right one to settle.


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  • i would. and I'm NOT the kind of girl who has one night stands. but if I met a guy that was fun to talk to and we exchanged numbers and hung out sometime I'd be delighted if things went somewhere. most guys at bars however, aren't like that. but if they were, I would date them.

  • In general, no, because a lot of guys go to clubs/bars with the goal of getting a girl to go home with him, more often than not for a one night stand.

    Obviously there are guys who just go to clubs/bars just to enjoy themselves, but it's hard to pick these guys out from the crowd. So unless a girl is looking for a one night stand, it's unlikely she'll consider guys that hang out at bars/clubs dateable (I assume when you say dateable you mean with heading towards a relationship, not a friends with benefits/f*** buddies sort of situation).

    • Those too: friends with benefits/f*** buddies.

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    • 1. What makes it hard to answer is the fact that it's just not possible to tell the two types of guys apart when you're in a club/pub since it's hard to figure out their intentions.

      2. I didn't say or imply that I'd prefer a guy that's not looking for a fact I'd prefer one who is...not sure where you got that from

    • I guess that was the way it was read, it's cool you understood my question very well, most other people on this website have reading problems, thanks.

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