Boyfriend's been distant.. should I give him space?

So it's a long story but I can sum this up.
*hes on probation
*got in trouble at school
*was told by his po that if he disrespected his mom she'd send him to the worst possible lockup she could
*he ran away
*i snuck him in and he slept here for a night
*he slept behind kmart the next night bc he didn't want me to get in trouble sneaking him in
*found a place to stay
*19 year old friend's (a girl)
*told me he probably was just gonna sleep at tin hortons again bc that made him uncomfortable
*i told him I trust him and to go so he'd be warm and safe
*he went
*girl's parents who she still lives w/ threatened to call cops
*he left with his uncle
*uncle took him home

So yeah he told me he's home and I said that's good and he's like "I hate it here but ight". He told me too his po wasn't gonna lock him up for now bc it's too close to Christmas and I said that's good and he just said yea. And ever since yesterday he's been texting real slow. I know he said last night was tiring and I think his uncle talked to him a lot last night.

he told me last week too he was being distant bc he was going through a lot with school and wrestling (which he was). So should I give him distance bc he's going through a lot and is being distant? or could it be something to do with me?;/


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