Try to spend time with my girlfriend but she see saids she misses me but everytime I ask her to hangout she saids she don't know, what do I do?

My girlfriend and I been dating two months now, we see each other 2 times a week at most, lately she's been little destint and I ask her if everything is ok and she's saids it's great, she saids she likes her me time as we'll and when I ask if she wants to go on a date or hangout I get the we will see answer, i ask if we will see each other on her birthday and she tells me I don't know, I ask one of our mutual friends if she cheating and the friends swears to me she's not and tells me my girlfriend likes me a lot. Why do I get a gut feeling something is up


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  • She sounds like an introvert, I advice to stop asking her if everything is ok often because that becomes very annoying to introverts, give her space and don't become obsessive or jealous, as it will push her to ultimately break up with you, when she's ready for human interaction she'll come to you.


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  • Something is up. She has a busy life, amd she is uneilling to make you the center of her world. Which means she is smart and sane... because why she she turn her world around for a fellow she just met. It is holiday time... people are busy! Respect that.

    • Thank you, After thinking about it, you are right.

    • Sorry for the typos. I was answering on my phone. My boyfriend and I are both super busy this time of year. I am glad he does not think something is up everytime i have an extra school project.

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