Are my standards too high? What's wrong with me?

I've been single for more than two years now , i flirt i chat on the phone i dont mind goong on dates but im not planning at all to have a gf i want too but i always rhink that women who chat with me are not loyal i want a girl to be mine and be hers i dont want to make myself look like a fool i found pretty women at work but always think that they are players and i was right one of them when i started to try to approach her she just ignored me and said she deosnt even know me even though she was following me like crazy and she knows me and my name next day she flirted with another guy right in fron of me , other girl she came to me and flirt then she said that she have two other men in her life , so what the hell please dont tell me that i will find someone one day because i dont want im just pissed off , all the people i know have stable realtionships went on normal dates the longest realtionship i had was six months half if the time fighting and it online , if i can't trust people at work or online where can i find someone?


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  • I think you can find someone in your town or city or area.
    And maybe your standard are to high?


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  • You're paranoid.

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