By which date do you give the first kiss?

PLEASE READ: I'm going on a second date with a guy I met online and I wonder if it would be out of line to kiss him. Maybe I would come off as moving too fast or as an easy girl. Both of us are new to the dating world. We're both out of high school and almost in our 20's. He's a virgin, I'm not. Would kissing now be too early? On which date do you usually kiss?


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  • I think kissing on the 1st date is standard.

    But maybe it's a little different for you two because you met online, so you're first date was also the first time you ever met each other in person. I see how that might make it a little weirder than normal. But I think the 2nd date is fine. It's just a kiss, so I don't think there's such a thing as "too soon". Even if he's a virgin and you're both "new to the dating world".

    So I say go for it (:


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  • I've always thought kissing is acceptable on the first date. So the second date is certainly soon enough... no need to wait any longer.

  • I wait until the 7th date. Because it's a good arbitrary number.


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