What does it mean when he acts like that?

Well my crush is a complicated womanizer he says some sweet shit and every girl is automatically falling for him, so he "cuddles" often with girls and talks, chats with them but i feel somehow special i'm not sure if he likes me too but it seems obvious, he always hugs me tightly, we make fun of each other, he compliments me and he even asked me out on Saturday, tomorrow we take selfies a lot of times and his background on his phone is a picture of us, he ALWAYS apoligizes first when we have a fight and we sit next to each other in class very often when the teacher allows us to, so what do you think? i don't have an idea he acts likes he is interested but i doubt it, and he's just attracted to super pretty girls, pls help


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  • Sounds like you're really into him. You might take him up on the date and see where it goes from there. If you spend time with him alone, it might be a good opportunity to tell him how you feel. Good luck.

    • Thank you :)

    • Whaaaaat?

    • Sorry I meant Whaaaat to @error_204

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  • Odds are you're just a person he can tolerate. It's too bad you're female.


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