My ex wants to sleep with my coworker?

Ok I didn't know how to title this.
He's not my ex, we were just friends with benefits since August.
But I really started to like him so I ended things in the middle of November around my birthday.
But after a couple times of just trying to hang out like normal, I had sex with him anyway.
Then I was texting him earlier. All of a sudden my old coworker texts me asking if it's okay if she goes on a date with him cause they matched on tinder. I was absolutely shattered because he said he wasn't seeing anyone else. I said yeah we're not together...
I get a call which I didn't answer and then a text from him saying wait this isn't a joke?
I haven't responded. What do I do? :( I really cannot talk to him right now.


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  • There's really nothing you can do. You aren't in a relationship with him, if he wants to sleep with someone else, he can. If you actually like him in a romantic way then I'm not sure why you don't just tell him that so he will know.


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  • Just ask him what he means by the text.

  • there's nothing you can do, he's ready to move on and he has the right to date whoever he chooses to.. It sounds harsh but you ended a relationship and you need to move on and find ur own happiness. Unless you both want to work things out, then let him know how you feel..

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