Is this a good enough reason not to date?

Just wondering since any girl you like or fall in love with can always find someone to replace you , wouldn't it not be love at all. There for there will always be someone that will make them happy and If you truly love them all you should want is them to be happy there for you should not gave your self the chance to fuck that up? mostly the reason i dont want to get out a date any more because there will always be someone better that will make them happy. Not saying im not a good looking funny kinda smart guy , Its just want i see around me and i see people just settling with people because they don't want to be alone and i don't want to settle for someone just because they are nice etc i want that feeling that makes you do stuff you would never do for any one else sadly i'm 17 and heart is destroyed. So any opinions on this?


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  • Restructure your question when you have time to think about what point you are trying to relay. Then we can give a mature and impactful answer.


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