Why would he all of a sudden change his mind? Do I not have any say in this?

I'm talking to a guy who is transferring schools next year to a school that is 8 hours away. he knew before we started talking that he was transferring and I brought it up in conversation the other day that it is gonna suck when he leaves if we are still talking and that I don't know if we should continue talking since he is going so far away soon anyway. he said he still wanted to talk to me because he really likes me and likes talking to me. we talk basically all day everyday. I agreed and said that we could keep talking and just see what happens. then the next day he all of a sudden stopped texting me and didn't text me all that night or the next day so I texted him asking why he was mad and he said he just doesn't know what to do because he doesn't want to hurt me because he respects me. I don't know what to do now because I really like and feel crushed. why would he all of a sudden change his mind?


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  • Because the reality that it wouldn't work finally caught up to him... sorry.


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