Would it look weird for a 5ft girl to date a 6ft guy?

Me and my boyfriend are long distance dating and I've know for a while he's 6ft and i already told him I'm 5ft, that doesn't bother either of us but I'm not sure if thats going to look ok? Im meeting him in a few months, and i love him..
but i mean its gonna be awkward when we kiss or hug isn't it? lol


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  • If you love him then it should be no problem! :) I think it's really cute when a tall guy dates a smaller girl. Just tipy toe to kiss him xD <3 Good Luck meeting him :D

    • thank you (:
      I've heard people think its weird when its that big of a difference so thats why i asked.
      but this just lifted my hopes up, tysm

  • No. Crazy question. Stop thinking about it. If you both make one another laugh and you feel good about yourselves when you are together, just relax. Enjoy the process of dating.