Why is everyone obsessed with what is cool and uncool?

In todays society...
Drinking and smoking = cool
Not drinking and smoking = uncool
Being bad and abusive = cool
Being genuinely nice = uncool/creepy
Being black or white = cool and attractive
Being Indian or Asian = uncool/creepy and unattractive
Being smart = uncool
Being dumb = cool
Listening to rap/pop/rock = cool
Listening to EDM = Uncool/gay


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  • I don't know where you're getting your stereotypes from but most of the ones you listed I haven't really noticed in today's society.


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  • Personally, I think it's way more cool
    staying true to who you are yourself, and not
    giving in and do things others tell you are cool. ^.^

    To me, it's not cool to smoke or drink (as an addiction)

    It's definitely not cool being bad or abusive, much better
    to be "nice".

    And to me, you're cool as long as I find you cool
    no matter your skin colour, you could be blue, for all I care.

    And it's definitely more "cool" to be smart, rather
    than being dumb (I think it's the study and workout neglection
    that's being looked down upon)

    And ones musical taste can not be put
    into categories of cool and uncool, it's not
    possible, because it's an opinion, not an attempt
    at what's true and what's not. ^.~

    The reason people are "obsessed" with being cool
    is because everyone, deep down, wants to be popular
    and known, even if they won't say it.


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  • Dude... calling things gay = uncool

    Does EDM like dicks? No? Then it's not gay


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