Friends first or straight to dates: What's your preference?

Do you prefer to be friends ( knowing them for 3+ months) with someone before going down the dating route or do you prefer to date someone from the word go or near to that.

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What Girls Said 2

  • friends first. or at least getting to know each other somehow without calling it a date. i just like a casual beginning that can deepen as time goes on.

  • Hmmm. Depends on the situation and where I meet him. If it is on a dating site, the answer is clear. if it is within a work or social context I'd prefer friendship first.

    • How long would you want to know them. And/or how much about them would you like to know

    • It really all depends on the person. But perhaps a month or so?
      Eniugh to get a good grasp of the character and the person.

What Guys Said 3

  • When I met my girlfriend at first, we started out as
    friends with a lot of common interests, we hang out
    more than I did with my other guy friends.

    I'll friends is good as a start, since you'll get to know
    the person, before committing to anything. ^.^

  • I always try to get to know someone first, if you are at least acquainted with someone before you go out on a date, then the date itself is more fluid and less awkward and you at least have some stuff to talk about.

  • Straight to dates, lest you fall into the friend zone.