Still has his tinder! Should I care?

Me and this guy have been talking for about two months now and i guess you could say we are exclusive with eachother. We aren't official but he mentions to me that he doesn't want me to get with other guys but the other night when we were at dinner with his friends I heard him mention to his friends that he updated his tinder profile. I don't get why he still has one... Should I mention something to him? Or just let it be? I don't wanna come across as jealous or insecure.


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  • You know the answer. Of course it's not OK for him to do that. He can't tell you that you can't talk to other guys and then update his tinder WTF

    • Yea I've kinda mentioned it to him before, but he always makes me feel stupid for even asking him. He says its just to meet people but like...

    • If he likes you enough to tell you to cut other guys off, then it's ok for you to tell him you feel uncomfortable with him having tinder. Tinder is used to get bitches seriously lol

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  • I don't know tinder isn't really just a dating app anymore its almost an extension of other social media I thought people still went on it just to get validation from strangers...


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  • Unless he brings up the exclusivity talk and takes his profile down, I wouldn't make any assumptions