I don't really know why I feel this way?

well I don't know why i get soo annoyed with my bf like I've noticee it too like with my ex if i dnt like somthing i just get annoyed nd loose interest like I don't know is like i dnt have feelings like i dnt care like wtf is wrong...:( i need help maybe?


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  • Depends on the severity of what's aggravating you, don't change who you are just because someone goes against your ethics.
    Take some time out of relationships to find yourself maybe?

    • yea i just feel like if my bf is trying to control me i get very defensive.. nd i loose interest...

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  • What? Are going crazy or something? Do you need medical assistance? I didn't understand anything you just wrote, but it sounded like you're having a nervous breakdown, or something?

    Are you on drugs?

    • no wtf nd i just said im loose interest in like my bf... i can't stand him sometimes lol... nd noo i dnt use drugss :(

  • id seek some help on having a relationship


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