Tell me your ldr stories?

I'm dating this guy named James and we were both born on the same day and he lives in England and I live in Colorado. We Skype whenever we can Even if it's only for 2 mins. I love him and he loves me! Tell me your ldr stories or expiernces or comment below if you feel like it.


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  • Have you ever met?

    • No, but in January we will

    • If you haven't met then you aren't in love. Everything about the person is an idea you have created. You don't truly know each other until you have been around each other, spoken to each other, observed each other and seen if you have an chemistry or not. It's just the plain truth. Just be realistic about the situation because all you've done is talked through technology and you have no idea how that will translate into a real-life scenario, just don't invest to much until you have met and don't commit to saying it's love, when you have to actually be with someone to fall in love with them.