Ok single ladies: where is somewhere you wish a single guy would bump into you, and you are open to be approached?

You know, so I can be there at the right place at the right time. Lol I'm out here, been waiting to meet you. Where are you at? 👋

I mean in general, not anyone specifically.
Well I guess there is no help. Thanks people.


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  • Pretty much anywhere. Just be conscious of the setting (like late night, me walking alone, not a good idea), but otherwise, you're good. :) I think there's something cute about it being in a bookstore or coffee shop though, but that's just me. Oh, and at social events/parties and stuff it's super common and cool meeting people.


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  • I prefer meeting guys through friends. either a mutual friend or co-worker, instead of a complete complete stranger.

    • Ok 😊

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    • if ur friend circle has no single ladies try expanding your friend circle by meeting other guys and then their friends or online dating

    • Online dating is a horrible experience for men.
      Meet other guys? Is that really it? Unless you already know a single lady or are lucky enough to make a new guy friend who happens to have a single friend; online dating is your only option? I live in a city of close to a million people and half of those are female. So there is no place women would be open to bumping into and meeting a nice, decent looking (I hope) guy who has much to offer?

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  • Dude, it's straightforward. If you see a girl you like---anywhere---just talk to her. Never mind people protesting "street harassment" and nonsense like that. If a girl is interested, she'll be psyched you stopped to talk to her. Just look out for signs of attraction, and don't hesitate when you see it.

    I stopped dating people I know. I exclusively ask out strangers--it's just so much better. Most of my past girlfriends I met just walking down the street before/after work.

  • LOl, I am about to approach a single lady that I have feelings for at her workplace. :/ that's the worse possibility, but her anyone would go very far for love. ^_^