When you want to remain private how do you answer friends and family when they ask you if you're dating anyone?

I'm not dating, I'm not ready to, but regardless I don't think I would like to answer this question. I never know what to say. What do you say? I usually just answer but I don't like to just answer. I want to provide no information, basically!


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  • its better to let know any of your family members whom is close to you that you are dating, seeing some... etc bcz you never know he might be syco, serial killer, ... etc so thats something you shouldn't keep as a secret of course there is limits but if they ask you are you seeing some? yes iam. how he looks like? he is handsome... dont say too much information... for you safety you gotta let them know.


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  • Don't tell them unless you need a ride. Mom will be asking questions, dad will embarass you, no


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  • My friends and family do not ask me questions like that

    • So then this question doesn't pertain to you why answer?

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    • I wouldn't say the asker is being rude. She is simply stating the obvious. She asked a question and you did not answer it. It wasn't an opinion on the matter. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with what you said, but I do believe the asker was in the right this time. I've done it myself where I answer questions that don't really pertain to me, so really I'm in the wrong. If the asker asked me why I answered I wouldn't consider them rude.

    • @existing_not_living that's the beauty of the website I post my opinions. No one ask people to agree with them. This is from my personal experience. It's funny how you are taking sides. I'm not wrong for anything LOL.