His female friend doesn't like me?

Well, my boyfriend has this female friend who I know as well. She has told him she likes him a lot, right before we started dating. Now, this doesn't bother me because I know girls will like him as guys will like me and he has shown disinterest towards her that way. Okay, moving on...
She doesn't like me very much. I haven't really done or said anything to her. Maybe I give off bad vibes, I don't know.
But she recently threw a party and invited all her guy friends' girlfriends too... all except me. He wanted to hang out with me instead, and he was happier with me, but still I feel bad.
All of his friends and my friends (we have mutual friends all except her) and I went, so felt terrible that I was the reason he couldn't go. I mean, yeah, he chose to come with me, but in future situations I don't want to be a barrier between his friends and him. I'm friends with everyone who went, and so is he, but just not her.
I don't care much for the girl, and I know him and I can't be together all the time, but still. Should I try to befriend this girl for him? I don't really want to, but I'm not sure if it'd be a great thing for me to try to be friends with one of his friends who likes him. Especially since she dislikes me even though I didn't do anything wrong.
Maybe it's a misunderstanding... but hey, I'd do anything for him.


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  • She's still trying to get with him. Be cautious of her. She sees you as the reason she and your b/f aren't together. Just remember that your b/f chose you.

    You might want to talk to your b/f how you're good with him, your friends, and his. Focus on what you can affect. The other girl is not one of them.

    • Okay well I talked to him and he said he understood

    • Woot woot! Just remember, open and honest communication is key.

      That being said, you'll have to sometimes handle people with "kid gloves."

    • Alright :) well he said I didn't have to be friends with her and it wouldn't cause problems, and he understands that sometimes people don't mix. and i trust him not to do anything with her haha. but yes i agree communication is key

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  • Well, she's trying to break. You. Don't let her. It's just gonna be one of those friends who should be kept separate from the normal friends.


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  • I don't see how he can still be friends with a person who dislikes his girl for no reason? If someone didn't like my man and he did nothing wrong to that person.. i wouldn't like that person anymore. I's just so rude and mean not to like someone without even giving them a chance, ya know.

    • Yeah, well I mean now I don't like her much either. but we don't really cause problems by it.

    • Maybe take her aside privately and ask her if you did something to offend her? Clear the air a bit.

    • yeah that sounds like a good idea, i probably will

  • She's obviously jealous you're with him and she's not.. She's immature. Fuck that bitch

    • yeah I can see that. none of his other friends have problems with me, its just her, so i guess that makes sense.

  • YOU aren't the barrier-- SHE is. He did the right thing in being with you. There's nothing you should feel bad about.

    • Alright thank you, I didn't really think about it that way