Ending a casual relationship and asking to start over as friends?

you werent friends to begin with.
person A feels betrayed and is fading out slowly.
person B says to end and start fresh.
whats the deal?


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  • If you start over as friends, the guy will constantly think about your past relationship, but losing a friend is never fun. Person B all the way.

    • do you think person B is hitting the reset button to start the friends with benefits over again or maybe more? or genuinely just wants to be a friend?

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    • i think if person A wanted to stay friends they woudnt fade out?

    • Maybe. But he might try tomget back together with you.

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  • if you A and B cares about the relationship they should start over and see what was the fading and to find out " whats the deal"

  • You can never go back to just being friends, he will always want to bang you.


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  • That's done you can't do that once fu... k buddies you can be like real friends and start over... that's my opinion

    • is person B trying for a second chance? or just trying to turn the situation around and be the dumper rather than the dumpee?

    • Person B needs to let it go... so would not be hurt cause there's no friendship in there

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