Internet dating profiles of guys, does it change your perception of them in real life?

I'm curious, if you see a man on the street, but you've seen his Internet dating profile. Does your opinion of him change because he has a Internet dating profile? Is it a more negative or positive change? Why?


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  • Actually, I think it'd be the other way around: if I met a guy and THEN I saw that he was using an online dating site, I would think to myself, "…………………….."
    Maybe it's just be, but I think online dating is strange. And I think those who do it are desperate. I could be wrong - I probably am - but that's just how I view them. It's like, they were so desperate to meet someone that they couldn't wait to do it the "normal" way, so they went online.

    Anyway, I don't think I answered your question. Sorry.

    • *Maybe it's just me

    • No you did. I was thinking the same thing. The fact that having a dating profile could cause me issues with real life dating is a good reason not to Internet date.
      I'm not desperate and I would certainly not want to appear desperate.

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  • it depends entirely on what was ON his profile lol. thoughtful profiles make guys seem more interesting and approachable.

    • Yes, I agree. I'm more interested in if just having a profile would cause the opinion to change. Let's just say it just has personal information like his picture, age and what he's looking for.

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    • So if you saw two attractive guys. One who you know is single due to the Internet profile and the other you don't know anything about. You would go after the one you know is single?

    • yup. at least i know i have a chance with the single one lol.

  • No my opinion wouldn't change if I knew he had a dating profile. For me to know that, wouldn't I also have to have one?

    If his profile said something questionable or dickish it would change my opinion completely.

    • Some people just creep profiles for fun.
      I was thinking that the act of having a profile shows that you have trouble finding women who are into you. I was thinking that it makes you seem desperate, and desperation isn't attractive.
      A man who doesn't use a profile may seem more ok about being single, and maybe has more women competing for his attention.

    • What do you think?

    • I still think that for the most part, unless someone is also on the dating site then they aren't going to see it. It also wouldn't matter to me. As long as the dude I'm with doesn't have one, it's not my business.

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