Is getting over someone the only way to deal with unrequited love?

I know most people strongly encourage us to just get over someone and move on when our feelings are not reciprocated, but should it always be the case? I mean, what if the other person is trying hard to feel something for you but just can't and in the meantime feels bad/guilty about it because they actually want to? I might also have to point out that this person is kind of in a transition stage with getting over a recent breakup/ex and a lot of fogginess with life in general. Would timing also be an issue that contributes to not feeling much romantic connection with someone? Especially if you are friends already, can you just keep hanging out as friends in the hopes that maybe one day that feelings will finally develop on the other person's end?


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  • I would think that this person perhaps is going through the motions with the person whom they have broken up with. After spending some time with a person they may still have feelings for them, perhaps regrets and it will take time for them to go through this. They might genuinely like you but there is something in their head that still is stopping them get over their ex. Give it time, don't rush it and create scenarios where they will miss your company e. g. don't text or email everyday. good luck


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  • I don't think timing or an ex are the issue.. the spark is simply one sided and will always be. Sometimes people look good on paper and you really wanna like em' because you think they would be good for you but you just can't like them back no matter how hard you try :/ No need to feel guilty about it. The heart wants what it wants.. or doesn't want what it doesn't want.


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  • It depends on the person. We accept the love we think we deserve

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