How do I get my mind off girls and dating?

Of course it's normal for a teenage guy to want to date girls, but I want to avoid it becoming an obsession for me. What gives, since the beginning of secondary school I've been getting fairly unlucky with the ladies. In fact, I've never had anything close to a girlfriend, and I expect that I won't be dating anyone anytime soon. Except for this thing, I'm pretty much satisfied with life as it is right now. I won't make this one of those long "boohoo-I'm-a-worthless-virgin" posts, because those annoy me more than they should. Let's keep it short. As the title says, I feel like I should take my mind off girls and dating for a while because I don't want things like this to constantly ruin my mood. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance :D


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  • I really don't think a girl will help you feel happier, why would you need a girlfriend? Once you get it in your head that you don't need a girlfriend, you will just start focussing on other stuff. I used to want a boyfriend, so I got one. Then after that I realized that a relationship didn't make me any happier, instead I just got confused about my feelings so I dumped him. Now I find that it's easier being single.

    • I don't need a girl to be happy, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't make me happier, right?

    • Yea but right now you want to get your mind off girls so I'm discouraging you from pursuing a relationship. You can make all the counter arguments you want but that's not gonna help your case. And just so you know, relationships have a lot of drama and it's not that fun.

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