19. Female. How to approach guys and make them interested?

I am a sad pathetic loser mourning over a break up which happened 2 years back. Still cry myself to sleep sometimes. Its not that I don't want to be back out there. Just that I've lost all confidence and self esteem. I used to be hilarious and fun to be with but now I am just so boring and even I feel it. After the break up I cut myself off from all social media. Recently made a Facebook account again. There was this guy who I used to talk to all the time. And I knew through people that he is in a relationship now. But I just wanted to talk to someone who knew me before I isolated myself. And he won't even accept my friend request now.
I am not even fit anymore. I used to be crazy about my fitness and now I have gained weight.
I just don't know how to gain that confidence to approach guys, if that is a good idea?
Need really good advice on how to approach guys.


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  • I think your problem is not your confidence to approach guys, but your confidence in yourself. You must be again what you once were. You're too young to be this way. I know that some things hurt, oh yes I do. But you're too young to isolate yourself from the world like that. No matter what happened before, it's past, it's gone, it hurts and the scars stay but it's past and you must leave it in the past. This is where it belongs.

    Look to the future and move on. Start over, be yourself again, do the things you used to like again. This way you'll gain confidence again.

    • See I know that what you're saying is exactly what I need to do but its just that I have so many trust issues and it probably sounds foolish me being just 19 a lot of things happened in the last two years and they happened all together and all of a sudden that I was completely shattered.
      I don't know how to put my faith in guys again. Infact in people, in general.
      I know this started out as dating advice but I'm just so confused right now.

    • Faith is rebuilt slowly. I agree you shouldn't have faith in everyone, you can start by knowing people just as friendship but don't give them your trust until you're completely sure you can trust. This is what I do and it works. You'll see that not everyone is like the people who have hurt you. So, get back the world and it's wise to wait until you put your faith in someone. Once you do it, enjoy your time with the ones who really care about you.

  • You should find reason to be happy again.


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