Her dad won't let us see each other, what do I do?

So me and this girl started talking about a week ago and we both really like each other. We just spent the whole day together a couple days ago and it was the best day I've had in a while. But the next day she calls me up to see if I wanna come over again and of course I said yes, she calls her dad, and a few minutes later says I can't come over. The day before when we had been together I had met her dad and was nothing but respectful, he didn't seem bothered by me or anything, although he didn't exactly say much either. So the next day I asked if she was okay and she said no and that her dad said we can't see each other again, like ever. I was really taken back and confused, trying to think of anything I might have done, but couldn't think of anything, so I asked her if he said why and she has no clue. So I ask her if she wants to try and see each other when she's not home but she doesn't want to disobey her parents, and now we can't even text. This is probably one of the worst dating situations I've been in and I've been cheated on more times than I can remember, any advice?


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  • Not much you can do... If you try to get her to go behind her dad's back, you are hosed if he ever finds out. If you are respectful, maybe she and he will come around.

    • I guess that's really all I can do :/ I just wish I knew why or could talk to him or something, thanks though.

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    • Autocorrect. Meant to. say could

    • Like I said I can't if I message her to ask about it she could get in trouble