What is the best way to break the ice once you've approached a woman and said hi?

I have woman approach me for the most part cuz im kinda shy.


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  • Talk to her, she's human too. Ask her open questions about herself, not yes or no answers. get her speaking
    Listen to her, and pay attention to body language.

    My bf recognised my necklace as the pendant from never ending story... (Extra brownie points)... Which then led to an entire conversation/debate about fantasy movies and film. I didn't even notice him buying me a drink, and he doesn't remember his mates leaving the bar.

    Just be confident, smile, be interested in what she says. And be yourself.
    Be personal, avoid corny lines and cliches at all cost!


What Guys Said 1

  • There are many things you can say after "hi", for example, first give her a compliment about her appearance, then ask her where she's from, what she does for a living, ask about her family, what she enjoys in terms of music, movies... where she likes to hang out... and once the conversation starts rolling you take cues from her answers to continue. And of course, she will ask you things as well.