I found a girl I'd really like to date but not sure how to go about it , mean asking her?

I've known her for a while now but we've never actually dated yet and just talked when we see each other in public usually at local pub or other places. she often is busy with work and also doing a dental program at college in a city an hour away. but whenever I talk to her I get the feeling she is interested and she's a pretty good catch so wouldn't want to pass it up. but not sure how to go about trying to take this to another level , well mean we'd actually be dating in the sense and spending time together other than just at the pub , should I just ask her if she wants to do something with me ( either hang out or like even a date? ) but we've never really done anything personal before so really not sure how she'd react to the idea


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  • Well there is no point wondering it will get you know where far, if you dont ask you dont get that is what I was always told. There is only two answers your going to get and if you get the one you dont want dust yourself off and try again!!

    • is is possible I've misread the signs and she just though I was someone interesting to talk to at pub? and what about it being the holidays is she going to be annoyed I didn't make a move?

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