What should I do with this guy, what does his behavior mean?

Ok so, I used to talk to this guy for 5-6 months like every day and once day [3 weeks ago to be exact] i asked him if he's seeing/talking to anyone. He said no and i believe him.
2 days ago, we were talking and all of a sudden he goes like "Was seeing a german girl for a month or so, but she had to go home cause she got sick, i hate it how most girls mess with your feelings she led me on so hard, then when she was home she said she just wanted to be friends" I replied with "sucks for you my dear" and he said "it does but its just frustrating" by the way he's australian.
And yeah so then i didn't reply to him after that and he hasn't talked to me since then. How am i supposed to handle this whole situation from now on? I mean after all, he has lied to me...

Now that I think about it... he stopped showing interest these last few weeks, he even stopped texting me, i was putting in all the effort, he seemed like he couldnt care less
How should i go on? What if he texts me again? What should i do or not do? I feel played... GUYS HELP!


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  • Play it cold. Ignore him. Cut off all contact for at least a month. Don't make any efforts. If he tries to talk to you, ignore him, or seem nice but distant. After a month or so, reestablish casual communication. Don't bring up feelings until he does. He doesn't like you like that right now, but that can change. I know that you wanted a guys opinion, but I major in mental psychology and human behaviors. Message me for greater, more specific advice or to have any further questions answered.