Need help on confusing situation?

this girl has liked me for like 5 months. but she is my boss kind of. I like her but the fact that we work together makes me think nooo nooo! I want to be with her if we didn't work together.
now she is sick of chasing me and is being cold. as a potential partner I do like her but working together is a major obstacle. I want to still flirt and keep it open in case I change my mind about work, but I don't know if the dating situation will change soon so I don't want to chase her and seem like im leading her on. and telling her I like her but no date yet seems awkward because she is already distancing herself. any advice.


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  • The only advice I can give you is "now or never." This is not a good position to be in, so you must either take action now or decide to do nothing and move on. Do not carry on this way.